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The New seasons fixture list is now avalable on the competitions page, good luck to everyone representing Aldwych this year.


A new page has been added - Club's olympic skaters. Please check it out.


below is a site i found that you can work out how fast you can skate.


About Aldwych

Aldwych Speed Club is a short track speed club loacated in Guildford, England. Short track speedskating is cool and thats why we have made a website about it. All thanks can go directly to Ian or Stu.
Training takes place Monday and wednesday every week. At Guildford spectrum
Mon - 7:30 - 8:30pm
Wed - 7:00 - 8:00pm
For anyone interested in coming - short track speedskating is cool

We would also like to thank Malcolm Conway and Tony Gallon for coaching our kick ass team. Thanks. keep up the good work.
!!!Click the aldwych logo to see more photos of people skating!!!
above is the cool aldwych logo!!

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