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Aldwych began as a roller Speed Skating Club in 1908, at the roller skating rink in the Strand.
Aldwych is the oldest speedclub in Britain.
In 1929/30 the club made its headquarters "The Golders green ice rink" From then on becoming and stayin an ice skating club.
In 1934/35 the Richmond ice rink re-opened and Aldwych went back. The club then remained there for 58 years until Richmond closed in 1992. The club moved to Guildford ice rink after a short stay at Basingstoke (where it remains today).

Over the years Aldwych have has many members winning competitions of all levels. Nick Gooch being the 1st ever skater to win a medal in the Winter Olympic Games for GB and Aldwych. Debbie Palmer won the British 10 times in her career and Nick 6 in the last 8 years. Aldwych have a wide range of competitors for all age groups, and many compete regualrly

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